What We Do

We offer the best that hair salons have to offer. We are committed to providing the best insight and services to bring you the haircut and styling that you have dreamed of.

Come to Paulo Lanfredi for our collaborative approach. We work closely with you to identify the strengths of your hair and your features. We then execute our proprietary technique based on your anatomy and complexion to accent those strengths with the ideal haircut, color, and style.

As artists, we take our passion to the next level, not only delivering a beautifully exclusive look for you, but discovering the root of the problem (pun intended) and reconstructing from the base up. Our promise to you is to maintain the integrity of your hair while emphasizing your best features and giving you a custom-tailored style that is so uniquely you.

We recommend the proper maintenance and a daily styling routine so that you can keep that fresh look for as long as possible. We want to provide the hair salon services that keep you looking your best for as long as possible after your appointment with us. We work to help you look good from the moment you leave until your next appointment with us.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly trained artists who strive to create beautifully structured hair from the inside out. Every client requires an exclusive style that adheres to their individuality. We believe that in order to create that style, we need to start with a strong and healthy foundation, as beauty lies far beyond the surface.

Our goal is to educate our clients in the health and wellness of their hair as we work together to create the perfect style for each person.

Paulo began his career in physical therapy, working in an emergency room. Paulo’s work in physical therapy helped him become attuned to the unexpected connections between various parts of the human body. This minute attention to detail and these connections guide Paulo as he cuts and styles your hair, providing holistic attention to you.

When you need a haircut or hair styling, come to Paulo Lanfredi in Greenwich, CT. Call 203 900 1221 or complete our online form to schedule our hair salon services today.

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